Don’t Make A Desperate Hire!

Urgent staffing needs happen as your business grows or during peak seasons, but making a shotgun hiring decision can be costly! Especially if there is turnover and/or overwhelming pressure on the manger/person who has to conduct the training during this “busy” time.

The new hire is also put at a disadvantage in this situation because he/she may have been rushed through the on-boarding and training process.  Just as you create strategies for budgeting, targeting customers, and your product/service (the WHAT of your business), it’s essential to also build a strategy for the WHO of your business (the ideal team of employees)!

Here are 10 suggestions on how to keep a good pool of quality candidates:

1.  Ask your staff/teammates – they are your best resource!

2. Find local & free venues/job boards to post key positions – colleges and social media are a great place to start

3. ALWAYS accept resumes. Create a file to keep them for when they’re needed.

4. Never be too busy to meet someone who walks in, try to give them just 5 minutes!  Candidates who take the initiative to go out and meet prospective employers face to face show courage and an extrovert personality.

4. Attend local job fairs

5. Register with local unemployment office

6. Create an on-boarding strategy: hiring, orientation, and training

7. Register with local military recruiter offices

8. Consider bringing on & training an intern that has an interest in or is pursuing an education in the field/industry you are involved in.  Interns are a great hiring option for startups & small businesses.

9. Look for the job skills sets you need for your business in other industries. For example: if you are looking for a customer service rep for your insurance company consider accepting the resume of someone who has been a waiter or waitress.  Wait staff share the same “people skills” as a customer service rep. Totally different industries but similar roles.  Doing this will deepen your candidate pool!

10. Consider hiring someone as a temp to ensure they will be a good fit for your business’s environment.


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