Good Help Is STILL Hard To Find

Written by: Tamar Lucien

I so often hear employers and/or hiring managers say “unemployment is high so there should be plenty of people who can do this job” or “It should be easy to find someone at that (very low) pay“.

From experience as a professional recruiter for over 7 years, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, the national unemployment rate is balancing between 7 and 8 percent [Go to for current info]. Yes, the economy is still unpredictable, but guess what folks unpredictability is our “new normal.” Just think about this for a moment, as a hiring decision maker if you had to let someone go due to company cutbacks  would you lay off your ‘A’ players or anyone in the top 15% of performance?

I’ll willing to be that most of you answered “No.” I know this because not only am I an employment specialist, but I am also about 50% psychic (just kidding about the psychic part).  But the same rationale goes for all decision makers nationwide which means the BEST potential candidates are gainfully employed and not immediately available to fill your urgent job opening.  This is why staffing agencies, recruiters, and executive head hunters STILL charge a pricey premium for their services.

I know what you’re thinking now…”So people who are currently unemployed are not worth hiring?” Not true! Many people fall victim to their local economic conditions.  Unemployed candidates can still be GREAT employees.  However, what I am saying is that quantity in the candidate market does not equal quality. Too often I see hiring managers find the right candidate (with my help of course) and say “Well, do you have anymore candidates so I can compare?”

So keep an open mind when looking for additional staff on your team.  If you still are experiencing some trouble look into other staffing providers or recruiters in your local area.


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