Job Seeker 101: How Important Is Attitude?

These days there is an abundance of technical information on the internet about how to find a job, conduct yourself during an interview, write a resume, network, dress etiquette, etc. However, there is not much information about mental preparation or attitude.

In 2003 the average length of time for a job seeker to find employment was 0 to 3 months. Today that has increased to 12 months or more!  I hear extreme frustration and desperation as I interview candidates and listen to friends who are seeking employment. Many candidates are feeling more and more defeated in today’s job market, especially with the current unemployment rates are averaging a little over 7% nationwide.

Maintaining a positive attitude has become harder and far more critical to a job seekers success.  Everything starts with a positive attitude, even before dressing professionally, writing a resume, preparing for an interview, or even accepting a job.

Your attitude is like a price tag, it shows how valuable you are

I recall the audio book on Yes! Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer where he explains that attitude is not taught. Unfortunately there are no programs or classes that teach positive attitude.  To learn about attitude one must research through books, tapes, and seminars. Positive thoughts and actions have to be part of one’s daily practice.  You may be thinking, “my attitude is fine” or “it is not that important” but according to Jeffrey Gitomer, “Attitude is EVERYTHING and the foundation for success.”

Still don’t believe that your attitude can make or break you?  As a professional recruiter and hiring manger I can tell you I am 95% more likely to hire the person who is 75% a good fit for a job and has a positive attitude versus the person who is 100% a good fit for the job but has a negative attitude. Attitude makes that much of a difference!


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