How To Be Your Own Recruiter: 7 Resume Red Flags

As an employer, you’ve paid anywhere from $500 to $800 for that job posting.  Now it’s up to you to be your own recruiter!


Being a recruiter takes years of experience, people skills, and what I like to call a “staffing sixth sense.”  After several years of listening to candidates lie, oh I mean tell you about themselves, you kinda just know who’s got what it takes. However, here’s a crash course in recruiting/sourcing:

1. Number of years at each job: anything less than one year at ALL jobs he/she has ever worked… MOVE ON!

2. Grammar & Spelling: pay attention to vocabulary.

3. Does it appear to be TOO well written? The person may have hired a professional resume writer- nothing wrong with that but it doesn’t provide a true writing sample from the candidate.

4. Highly educated but consistently underemployed.  Example: has a law degree but only works as a paralegal.  This person may have more brain than brawn.  Meaning they are not a Do-er, just book smart.

5.  Someone whose career appears to be spiraling downward. Meaning they were Controller or Accounting managers at one point but applying for an accounting assistant/staff accountant job.

6.   Job title doesn’t match description. Example: Job title: Bookkeeper, Job Description: Answered phones, Faxing, Filing, Mail out checks, Accepting payments.  That’s not a Bookkeeper.

7. Several gaps in employment.  This isn’t a total deal breaker but candidate must provide compelling reason as to why.

Keep in mind:  If you are on the fence about a particular candidate then just take the chance and call the person! Recruiting is not an exact science.  People are often better over the phone or in person.