Are You Clicking On Or Creating Your Future?

An interesting observation about the “employment industry” is that the least talked about type of employment is self-employment. There is endless media coverage on high unemployment rates, the slowly recovering economy, and lack of viable employment, but almost zero TV coverage on the recent rise of self-employment since economic recession.

While the recession caused massive layoffs, it also freed individuals to finally pursue their passion. Some people were just sick and tired of applying for job, after job, after job with little to show after hours of submitting applications. They simple channeled that frustration and desperation into good, old-fashioned American ingenuity. Some people just stopped clicking apply and started creating! People finally had more time on their hands and more space in their mind to think about how they could truly make a difference in their communities, or for some, the world.

This effect according to study done at University of Missouri is known as “Necessity Entrepreneurship.” I find this type entrepreneurial spirit absolutely inspiring because it shows the resiliency, character, and creativity we have as humans. It may seem intimidating or overwhelming at first, but if you really are tired of clicking on “apply here” than tap into your other skills and talents to work for yourself!

Job Creation

As the Founder & CEO of an online staffing company it may seem contradictory to be promoting self-employment, but almost all entrepreneurs worked for someone at some point in their life. Prior to starting my own company I had worked for and learned from others since I was about 15 years old. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it were not for the education, training, and communication skills I received from all of the places I had worked. One experience builds on another; it’s all part of the journey.

I see so many individuals who have been out of work for over 12 months. It could be sign to start a new path on your career journey! There is a bit of a myth about self-employment, that you have to be the most educated, tech savvy, or financially stable. However, given the rise of self-employment in the harshest economic climate since the Great Depression it’s safe to say that ANYONE has the ability to triumph over circumstance and CREATE their own destiny! What are you waiting for?


Job Seeker 101: How Important Is Attitude?

These days there is an abundance of technical information on the internet about how to find a job, conduct yourself during an interview, write a resume, network, dress etiquette, etc. However, there is not much information about mental preparation or attitude.

In 2003 the average length of time for a job seeker to find employment was 0 to 3 months. Today that has increased to 12 months or more!  I hear extreme frustration and desperation as I interview candidates and listen to friends who are seeking employment. Many candidates are feeling more and more defeated in today’s job market, especially with the current unemployment rates are averaging a little over 7% nationwide.

Maintaining a positive attitude has become harder and far more critical to a job seekers success.  Everything starts with a positive attitude, even before dressing professionally, writing a resume, preparing for an interview, or even accepting a job.

Your attitude is like a price tag, it shows how valuable you are

I recall the audio book on Yes! Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer where he explains that attitude is not taught. Unfortunately there are no programs or classes that teach positive attitude.  To learn about attitude one must research through books, tapes, and seminars. Positive thoughts and actions have to be part of one’s daily practice.  You may be thinking, “my attitude is fine” or “it is not that important” but according to Jeffrey Gitomer, “Attitude is EVERYTHING and the foundation for success.”

Still don’t believe that your attitude can make or break you?  As a professional recruiter and hiring manger I can tell you I am 95% more likely to hire the person who is 75% a good fit for a job and has a positive attitude versus the person who is 100% a good fit for the job but has a negative attitude. Attitude makes that much of a difference!